Divided Color-fields

An exploration of color applied through light; Divided Color-fields examines what happens when two fields of color are interrupted by a third block of color.

These color fields are created by photographing a three-dimensional white paper model and using light to paint color onto the surface. The color of the xenon source light is modified by theatrical lighting gels and lenses, blades, black foil, mirrors, and diffusion fabrics are used to modify the beam.

Through meticulously placed camera and lighting angles, the three dimensional model appears flattened. Without shadow and edge, the viewers brain struggles to see the depth present in the image.

Each image is printed through a dye-sublimation process onto aluminum. The print is then flush mounted to a hand crafted white wooden frame. Sintra backing is affixed to the aluminum and a cutout window shows the piece's title, size, edition number, and artists signature permanently marked onto the back of the metal.